Who We Are

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading connects essential resources to power and build the world at the center of global supply. And we make it our goal to act responsibly in doing so. We pay attention to what society needs and use our in-depth knowledge of the markets we serve to improve supply in ways that are efficient, secure, and long-lasting.

We use infrastructure, logistics, and financing across our global network to link producers and consumers, improving the transparency and trust in intricate supply chains. Additionally, we make investments in clean energy technologies needed for the transition to a low-carbon future. Our employees are empowered and passionate about tackling the problems presented by a rapidly changing world because we are an employee-owned business.

Where We Operate

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading is present on three continents and serves a variety of markets. View our international locations.
The non-negotiable values that Ksc Oil and Gas Trading operates under are clearly stated.

Our Legacy

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading, which was founded on an entrepreneurial spirit and years of experience, is altering the accepted ways of doing things in the trading and supply industries. A trading firm and logistics expert, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading was established in Romania. Despite having only recently entered the market, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading used its strong leadership and innovative approach to realize its vision of having global coverage in markets it considers to be stable, secure, and capable of slow growth.

Instead of emphasizing inorganic growth, the group chose to promote a consultancy strategy that prioritized its customers. Strategic partnerships from both spheres have emerged as a result of letting our clients concentrate on their core businesses, whether those businesses are in shipping, mining, or power generation. In order for the operations of our clients to succeed, it is our duty as a supplier to suggest and present cutting-edge solutions from the commodities space.

A commodity and energy solution that is developed and built for the future is needed for today's global economy.

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading, a Level 2 contributor, provides services to markets all over the world by utilizing its presence in Europe and Asia. The world’s future solutions for commodities and energy can be found here through innovation and high-quality performance. The future is supplied by Ksc Oil and Gas Trading. And we make it our goal to act responsibly in doing so.

We use cutting-edge expertise and our extensive global network to address regional and industrial supply issues. We link our clients with cutting-edge solutions. By supplying the future, we are successful.

Our Values

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading operates in accordance with a predetermined set of unalterable principles. Ksc Oil and Gas Trading is of the opinion that in order for a business to succeed, it must first take responsibility for itself, its stakeholders, and the general public. Ksc Oil and Gas Trading strives to keep a positive impact on the economies and communities where it operates.

Health, Safety & Environment

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading adheres to its health, safety, and environmental principles without exception. Our commitment is supported by the conviction that putting our clients, employees, stakeholders, and environment first is the foundation for obtaining our operating license.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

For businesses in the twenty-first century to successfully achieve their goals, ethics among shareholders, owners, directors, and management are a crucial component. Ethics is a key requirement in ensuring and balancing the rights and interests of all involved parties, including employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and business partners, as well as society at large.

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