Our Assets

Physical traders with a history of quick innovation and successful risk management, like Ksc Oil and Gas Trading, are inherently resilient. They are designed to adapt their operating procedures, location, structure, funding, and strategies in response to shifting business environments. Up to a point, size is important, but it’s also important to be nimble when new trading and investment opportunities present themselves. Ksc Oil and Gas Trading has changed over the past ten years from being a pure merchant business to one that is becoming more integrated throughout the entire energy supply chain.

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading has been making investments since 2022 in downstream, midstream, and upstream assets that strategically support the business’s day-to-day trading operations. With the help of these resources, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading is better able to manage the sourcing and distribution parts of its trading platform, diversify its revenue sources, and boost its ability to compete. However, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading benefits from investments in more ways than one. Gunvor, a multi-national trading company, brings a lot to the assets it invests in:


In order to facilitate effective decision-making, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading maintains a short chain of command. This allows the business to act swiftly to secure advantages in the interest of its partners and clients. Even in the most remote and challenging environments, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading has a proven track record for taking on large-scale greenfield infrastructure development projects and completing them on-time and under budget

Sound Management

Ksc Oil and Gas Trading uses a decentralized management approach to its assets, empowering qualified experts and professionals to oversee daily operations and cutting down on overhead and bureaucracy. Ksc Oil and Gas Trading has successfully transformed undervalued and distressed assets into profitable businesses that maintain and expand employment while positively impacting the local markets in which they operate. Ksc Oil and Gas Trading is able to add economies of scale to local operations, whether that be in the area of supply, marketing, or financing, because it has operations, offices, and activities on every continent.

Our Investments


For our trading activities, terminals are a highly complementary asset investment. They protect our ability to access actual import and/or export flows, which strengthens our positions in the market.


In order to diversify along the energy supply chain, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading has made a number of investments in exploration, appraisal, development, and production assets.


Our investments in pipeline assets give us the logistical flexibility to effectively transport various grades of crude oil into different markets, allowing us to quickly seize arbitrage opportunities.


An essential logistical component of creating value around various arbitrage opportunities relating to time, distance, and specifications is investing in storage facilities for products and crude oil.


Investments in biofuel plants go hand in hand with Ksc Oil and Gas Trading's expansion into energy transition technologies and the industry's expanding physical trading.


In order to own a portion of the ships it charters, Ksc Oil and Gas Trading has started forming joint ventures with shippers of refined products.

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